Thursday, September 18, 2014

Secret of the Lost Settlement

The Duty of Warriors

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This is my first book review of this blog, and it is about one of my favorite novels, The Secret of the Lost Settlement from the Men of Grit series.

This action-packed book is a must for all young men. The stories of Colonel Nobody and the Stoning brothers are continued as they unite against a common enemy: a wanna-be-Nero Caesar in a lost Ancient Roman settlement in the middle of Greenland. Christians are being persecuted, and Little Caesar wants something that belongs to Lawrence. The adventure is on!

Despite the few faulty themes and historically inaccurate viewpoints, this story is vividly realistic in its portrayal of war, betrayal, and the evils of Roman civilization. 

Yet Horn remains the same, sprinkling his tale with his characteristic humor and wit, and most of all, Scripture-spouting heroes. You will be drawn to the characters and very few things will persuade you to leave this deep, complex, and God-glorifying novel. 

This is Horn at his best.

What is the duty of warriors? Find out in the exciting book The Secret of the Lost Settlement by John Horn. Enjoy. 

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(Note: The book is currently out of print which explains the ridiculously expensive price.) 

I hope to review the previous books in this series soon,

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  1. The Men of Grit series is one of my favorite series as well! I absolutely adored Brothers at Arms, and The Boy Colonel comes next. I didn't enjoy this book as much (mostly because it was very dark and sad - you could even say a bit depressing), but it was good! I cried reading it. I like the way Mr. Horn wove such a monumental principle into Secret of the Lost Settlement: doing what's right no matter what the cost. And I was also really excited because I got a signed copy from John Horn right when the book came out! :)

    -Micaiah K.