Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Current Writing Projects and Ideas


  • Formatting and Publishing His Father's Command. Info here.
  • Writing prequel to His Father's Command ( yet unnamed). 
  • Plotting last novel in Quest of Faith trilogy.

Future Ideas (No particular order)

  • Trilogy on the Waldensians.
  • Trilogy on the Boer War.
  • WW1 novel.
  • Collection of short war-mysteries. (Set in Victorian Britain Army).
  • Novel on the Shackleton Expedition.
  • Modern warfare novel.
  • Non-fiction work on battles throughout history from a Christian perspective. (And perhaps in a somewhat humorous style.)
  • Biography on Alfred the Great.
 The one I'm most excited about is the Waldensian trilogy. Here's my plot for now: Two French brothers, the sons of the town executioner, struggle with relations to one another. One is the private clerk to the decrepit Bishop of Lyons, the other, a thief and murderer running from the law. Running, that is, until he meets an unusual merchant. The merchant's name: Peter Waldo.

What do you think? What are you most interested in?


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